Today, more than ever, start your day with a little meditation in a comfortable and stable seat. Sit on a sofa, chair, lie down or sit cross-legged. Be comfortable and secure and at peace.

Close your eyes and think of nothing. Thoughts will enter your mind but gently push them away. A quiet mind is ready for anything. After five minutes or so, take a piece of paper or a journal and write down what you are grateful for and then meditate on these things. When you are finished, get ready for your day.

With Mindfulness Life’s In The Moment, the Harvard Gazette – “Mindfulness builds resilience and awareness to help people learn how to ride life’s ups and downs and live happier and healthier lives…,” said Dr. Westbrook. Dr. Suzanne Westbrook is a retired internal-medicine doctor. She taught an eight-week program that focused on reducing stress with meditation.

Dr. Carrie at the Himalayan Institute (HI), notes that stress plays a big role in illness. We may be stressed over difficult life situations, like the death of a loved one, or stress may sometimes be a perception. How we think is how we perceive others. Yoga provides a cure with breath, mindful movement, relaxation and meditation. HI Course “The Healing Art of Meditation,” can be purchased for a small fee and accessed online. Or, better yet, enjoy a weekend retreat at the HI. I love my workshops there! And remember our little meditative monkey here!

Over the past four years, the media and social media have added to our angst about government officials. I have been a culprit on social media trying to get others to understand what I perceive to be the “truth.” I am sometimes flabbergasted that others do not think and feel the same. My ego gets the best of me. I have almost completely halted my push, blocked people from my page and try my best not to engage in political conversation. I am not always successful, to say the least.

Whatever the outcome of this 2020 Presidential Election, continue to be mindful. Continue to take time for yourself early in the morning before beginning your day. One of the great outcomes I have witnessed ( a ballot dropbox is in view of my window) regarding this election is the amount of people voting. We all must be involved in our country’s future.

Remember that we are all brothers and sisters in humanity. Let’s be happy and loving siblings.


My Yogic Path, Barbara

Published by My Yogic Path with Barbara

Hi and welcome to My Yogic Path! I became a Yoga Teacher recently in my 60s! I am a woman, mother, wife, sister, cousin, in-law, K-8 retired teacher, and more. As I age, I felt great anxiety letting go of things that do not serve me today, what I have not yet accomplished, my purpose, questioning my beliefs, anticipating a fear of death, and much more. I found myself progressing from a full and busy life to a less full and sedentary life wherein there is much time for reflection. Enjoying Yoga at the gym starting in my 40s, my daughter and son-in-law becoming Yoga Teachers, I decided I wanted the peace I gained being with these fellow Yogis. I also felt drawn to REIKI healing and pursued this path becoming a Reiki practitioner. Life has led me down and up many paths. This Yogic Path gives me insight, strength, and peace when I need it most. Enjoy this blog with me as I continue.

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